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Learn today. Win tomorrow.

How It Works

The Welch Way offers a fast, flexible, richly interactive approach to online training—one that makes you want to lean in and engage with the skills and ideas that make an immediate impact on your work.

Watch Jack’s overview

See why Jack Welch created the program and how it builds great managers.

It’s fast and easy to go from learning—to doing.

The Welch Way combines exclusive videos, interactive learning features, social functionalities and a playbook of actionable tools that bring Jack’s teachings to life in an intuitive interface.

Each program is divided into several modules focused on mission-critical management skills. Within each module, you advance through a simple four-step process that helps you put what you learn into action, immediately.

Step 1

Keynote from Jack

Every section begins with a brief video from Jack. He introduces the key topics and highlights the proven practices that will drive your team and your organization to stronger performance.

View a sample lecture

See how Jack introduces each topic of a module.

Step 2

Guiding Questions

Next, a few guiding questions get you thinking about the material ahead. You’re asked to focus on each one, and then conduct a quick self-assessment of your current skills before you dive in.

Step 3

Core Content

From there, you immerse yourself in the core content of the section. You get detailed insights into Jack’s principles and practices, and you start to see how his teachings apply directly to your work.

Step 4


Finally, you get actionable steps and tools for deploying your new skills. As you advance through each section of the Welch Way, you’ll build a custom Playbook that will help you get the most out of yourself and your team.

Your Playbook will include:

  • Takeaways

    that help you translate Jack’s teachings into the context of your own organizational challenges.

  • A plan of action

    for implementing your new management skills and tracking your progress along the way.

  • Game pages

    that provide step-by-step instructions for managing your people.

See what people are saying about our approach.

“We’ve found that employees are motivated, and it’s helping with retention because they always know where they stand with the company.”

“We took 17 of our managers and implemented several of Jack Welch’s philosophies. We’re picking up speed as a result.”

“Everyone feels more ownership to the product that they’re working on, as opposed to just showing up for a paycheck.”